Adjustment of application conditions and extension of the application deadline due to the corona pandemic

Due to the current situation of the corona pandemic, we have decided to adjust the application conditions and to extend the application deadline.

1. Extended application deadline

The application deadline will be extended until June 21, 2020.

2. New conditions for the pre-selection and the pre-selection video

Since many pianists are currently unable to practice or record the pre-selection video, you can also submit videos that have already been recorded for another occasion. The repertoire of the pre-selection video is now free of choice. If you are unable to submit the video with the previously required repertoire, you can also submit videos that you have already created before. You are also welcome to submit entire playlists or various videos. The submitted videos should represent your artist personality and should contain at least one virtuos piece and include at least 10 minutes of playing time. Furthermore the video no longer has to be recorded within the past year, but should have been made in the past few years.
All other changes due to the corona pandemic have been updated in the conditions of participation.