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Supporters Association

Support the Schubert Competition with your membership!

The supporters associations “Freudeskreis” is committed to the preservation and continuation of the International Schubert Competition Dortmund. It supports the competition and its events with financial resources, which are raised through membership fees and donations, as well as through the active support of many members, in order to secure the competition’s long-term existence and maintain it as a cultural institution of international importance.

The Schubert Competition has been a career springboard for young artists from all over the world since 1987, especially when they emerge from the competition as prizewinners. The focus is on the works of Franz Schubert, whose introverted and complex music enriches the repertoire of all young artists. Many international competitions seek out and honor the great virtuosos. However, nowhere is the ability to use one’s technical skills in such a way that an immense, musical creative scope arises and one knows how to use it as indispensable as in the music of Franz Schubert. Only those who recognize the profound contexts of this music, understand how to interpret it in their own personal way and have the necessary technical skills to implement this interpretation will be able to perform this art to perfection.

If you would like to support the Schubert Competition, we would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Freundeskreis.
The annual membership fee is 60 euros.

As a member, you also receive free access to the competition rounds, the matinée of the prizewinners and a selected concert at the Schubert Festival.

Please contact us personally during the competition or send us an e-mail: