The Competition

The International Schubert-Competition Dortmund exists for 30 years.

The competition has two categories: Piano and LiedDuo and has set itself the task of supporting young international top class artists in the start of their career as well as introducing Schuberts world of ideas to the compition participants and the audience in a way you will never find again in the world.

Therefore the competition is a big Schubert-Musicfestival for all participants and the audience which is unique of its kind. Not only in Dortmund but also in the whole Ruhr District which is strongly influenced by the mining industry and around in Westphalia the competition organizes events and concerts – like the International Schubert-Fest Dortmund at the Kokerei Hansa in Dortmund, which was launched for the first time in 2017. In addition to the regional identification idea, the focus is also on unusual concert venues, which reflect the particular mining history of this region. For example concerts are planned in former pit sites, wash chews or underground venues as well as in other unusual venues in South Westphalia. This enables us to strengthen a world-class cultural event in the Ruhr District, make it accessible for the public and make the Ruhr District even better known as a cultural region all over the world.

What is the significance of the International Schubert-Competition Dortmund?

Each music competition is appreciating and looking for the great virtuoso with a marvelous technique, the brilliant pianists who glides with tones as smooth as silk across his keys, the most magnificent and beautiful voice, a crowd-puller. To combine this with the equally important skills of a great artist for poetic contemplation, which are indispensible to show the individual complex mental-musically ideas, was deemed necessary long before the existence of the Schubert-Competition, but was only made possible by the Schubert-Competition in an ideal way. There were two crucial factors:

In the world of music it is generally recognised, that the Schubert-Competition fufil its cultural-political task by leading young musicians to a repertoire, which decisively enrich them in their artistic range and is often neglected in the universy education and in other music competitions. The breaktrough to a brilliant international carrer came for several participants after their participation in the Schubert-Competition, even though, or perhaps precisely because, they spend a lot of time and effort in the introverted art of Franz Schubert.

At the same time the Schubert-Competition offers a Schubert-Festival

Only in the final round of the Schubert-Piano-Competition is the opportunity to listen to the six great late Schubert Sonatas, every 40 minutes of play, by the best next-generation artists in the world for a whole day. The audience enters one of the richest and most profound tonal language of music history as it’s barely possible at any other place in the world, because nobody else except the Schubert-Competition takes the time to do so. This has always been emphasized by the jurors and the audiencs. The charm of this incomparable concert program is further enhanced by the excitement of the competition (who will win?). Nevertheless the Schubert-Competition does not focus on the instrumental brillance, but on the human message of this incomparable music.